Our lessons are fun, interactive and tie in genuine life skills that benefit people of all ages and walks of life. The learning goes at your own pace and is based around the way that you learn as an individual. Lessons cover a wide range of topics and use reading and listening as tools to develop all aspects of your musicianship and to help you reach your full potential.

Students will be given the opportunity to perform as part of a live band at our biannual concerts. 

Benefits of learning a musical instrument

  • Enhance your intelligence

  • Build confidence

  • Relieve stress, anxiety and depression

  • Meet new people in new social circles and build social skills

  • Develop your own creativity and self-expression

  • Develop coordination

  • Build team skills

  • Develop listening skills

  • Enhance your memory and keep your brain active

  • Build perseverance, discipline and responsibility

  • Improve organisation and time keeping skills

  • Learn cultural history

  • Physical exercise and mental endurance

Lesson rates

  • 30 minutes - £20.00

  • 45 minutes - £25.00

  • 60 minutes - £30.00