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Tom Oldfield

Bass Guitar and Guitar Teacher

Peripatetic - Schools Only

Learned musician Tom has been playing guitar for over 10 years. His academic musical career has seen him study professional musicianship with a focus on guitar at undergraduate level with the British Institute of Modern Music (Brighton), followed by a postgraduate course in teaching and learning. This induced his interest in teaching guitar, and he has been tutoring on a one-to-one basis ever since. Tom has been an active member of several bands, performing in and around Brighton and has had notable success and featured on BBC introducing.He has also taken to the theatrical stage, when he played at Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'The Other Palace Theatre' for a production of the musical 'Spilt Milk'. Tom’s students vary in age, ability and interest and he prides himself on his ability to adapt lessons to meet individual needs and desires. Tom can confidently and successfully educate students through their grades using the Rock School syllabus and has been the proud tutor of many students achieving this.

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