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Chris Mansbridge

Director and Drum Teacher

Studio, Online

Chris is an extremely passionate musician and teacher who has been drumming for over 25 years. One of the co-founders of Rhythm Room, Chris has dedicated his life to music and has been teaching drums for over ten years. He and Kev created Rhythm Room in 2017 to help students of all ages and abilities take up music, be it for fun or professionally. Chris’ work has taken him on numerous tours throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and America. He is a graduate from Drumtech Drum and Percussion school London, UK, and currently plays with accomplished UK metal outfit Heart Of A Coward as well as the Verity Bromham band (John Verity of Argent and Del Bromham of Stray). Chris also has various recording sessions, tours, and releases on his musical CV, and he has worked directly with highly influential bands such as Fellsilent and Enter Shikari. His experience spans a wide range of musical genres, and he has a passion to inspire and guide aspiring drummers on their path to becoming a better player. Chris officially endorses Paiste Cymbals and Natal Drums.

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