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Sarah Ashfield

Piano Teacher

Studio, Online, Peripatetic

Sarah has been playing piano for over 30 years, both as a soloist and accompanist. She began her teaching career after graduating from St. Martins College with a BA (Hons) Music with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Sarah has had a diverse career from being a primary school teacher, peripatetic piano teacher; flute, piano and choir leader at the Watford School of Music and has even taught sign language to babies through music! As well as piano and flute, Sarah enjoys singing, playing the ukulele and composing. Sarah is passionate about teaching piano and having fun at the same time, whilst being successful at guiding students through exams if they wish to. A flexible, friendly and encouraging teacher, with vast experience teaching children and adults, Sarah matches the style to the student and inspires the learner to become more confident in their own abilities.

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