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Ley Hill Primary School

Tue - Drums - Mr Atkinson

Wed - Guitar - Mr Oldfield

Ley Hill Primary School


  • Summer Term lesssons will be coming to an end, between 24th June and 18th July, please click "dates' to view the calendar for your child's school.

  • Payment for Autumn 2024 is due on 30th July 2024 and invoices will be issued between 17th and 23rd July.

  • Autumn term lessons will begin from 9th September 2024.


Unless advised otherwise, please make payment of invoices on the due dates provided below: 

Autumn Term (lessons starting Sep) - 30th Jul

Spring Term (lessons starting Jan) - 30th Nov

Summer Term (lessons starting Apr) - 20th Mar


Should you have any questions please email Our administrator works part-time hours but will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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