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Peripatetic Tuition - Terms and Conditions

  1. Provision

    1. After initial application your child will be automatically enrolled each school term thereafter - you do not need to re-apply each term and must give notice if you wish to cancel - see clause 4. Termination.

    2. 10 lessons are provided each term and some school terms exceed 10 weeks - therefore pupils may not receive a lesson every week. Lesson dates can be found on our website but are subject to change.

    3. Music lessons take place during the school day and therefore, parents/carers accept that this will usually result in a pupil being withdrawn from their normal school classes for the duration of the lesson.

    4. Performance is an integral part of learning, and where showcase assemblies are organised, the  performance will be considered part of the lesson on that day. 

    5. Shared and group lessons can sometimes be arranged subject to the availability / continued interest of other students and therefore, cannot be guaranteed. Should we be unable to provide or continue to provide the requested shared lesson your child will be offered the "next-best" available option. 

    6. You agree to provide instruments, music and accessories as required. Equipment is NOT provided. For portable instruments such as Guitar, Violin, Clarinet, Flute etc, parents will need to purchase or hire equipment for lessons and for practice at home. Drums and Piano are available for lessons in school, but it is recommended that parents purchase or hire equipment for practice at home. Advice on instrument purchase or hire can be found on our website,

    7. Grade books and learning materials may also need to be purchased at the recommendation of your child's teacher. 

  2. Attendance and Absence:

    1. Missed lessons due to pupil absence are forfeited.

      1. The teacher is not responsible for escorting children to/from lessons, although the teacher will make every effort to ensure attendance is consistent.

      2. Secondary pupils will be expected to attend at their allotted time and missed lessons due to non-attendance are forfeited. 

      3. The minimum notice for rescheduling a lesson is 1 week. If the required written notice to is not given, no credit or make-up lesson will be due.

      4. Lessons missed by pupils due to reasons including, but not limited to, forgetfulness, short-term sickness, school trips/activities, exams, poor pupil internet connection or a pupil’s faulty device etc. will not be made up or credited unless the required written notice is provided.

    2. Missed lessons due to teacher absence, will be recovered by one of the following methods:

      1. Added time, distributed over a number of lessons, depending on availability in the timetable. i.e a 20-minute lesson may be made up with an additional 20 minutes added to one lesson, an additional 10 minutes over two lessons, or an additional 5 minutes over 4 lessons. Alternatively, on occasion, a day may be organised at the end of a term for a teacher to complete make-up lessons. 

      2. Credit notes will be considered if we are not able to make up lessons with added time. However, we invoice for 30 lessons per school year (in three instalments of 10 lessons). There are 38 weeks in a school year, so make-up lessons may be carried forward to another term. Credit notes, (if required) will only be calculated on invoices issued in July (for lessons in the autumn term).

      3. Refunds will only be considered if lessons have been terminated and credit would not be usable.

  3. Charges 

    1. Payment is collected termly in advance. Due dates are as follows:

      1. Lessons starting in September - payment due 30th July.

      2. Lessons starting in January - payment due 30th November.

      3. Lessons starting in April - payment due 20th March.

    2. Charges are subject to termly review. In the event of a price increase, parents will be given notice, allowing time to cancel lessons within our 6-week notice period.

    3. Lessons will not begin until full payment is received and late payment of invoices will incur a £10.00 admin charge. 

    4. Late payment may result in the cancellation of your child’s lessons and their place may be allocated to another student. 

  4. Termination

6 term-time weeks' notice is required to cancel or make changes to tuition. Requests must be emailed to by the following deadlines:

Withdrawals and/or changes effective
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