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Annual school reports

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School reports should be completed annually, submitted before 10th June. 

Please look at this example WAGOLL (what a good one looks like).

You can save and continue, so you can come back to reports and edit them later, please remember to click "submit" when they are completed.


Practise and Practice are frequenty misused, so when writing we suggest internally subsituting the words rehearse/rehearsal with practise/practice. 

If rehearse or rehearsing would fit, use practise or practising with an 's'.


"Anne should try to rehearse for at least 15 minutes a day" = "Anne should try to practise for at least 15 minutes every day."


"Anne should try rehearsing for 15 minutes everyday" = Anne should try practising for 15 minutes everyday."

If rehearsal would fit, use practice with a 'c'


"Anne would benefit from 15 minutes of rehearsal everyday" = "Anne would benefit from 15 minutes of practice everyday" 

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